There aren’t enough reaction faces on the Internet to describe my reaction to this bullshit.

This has to be one of the dumbest attempts to sound “geeky” and/or “leet” I have ever seen. Maybe you have fun writing your little Kotaku articles using an Xbox controller, and I’m sure it allows you to capture all of your “bright moments” (in massive sarcasm quotes) just fine, but if you actually tried doing something serious with your computer you would ditch that GAMEpad (as in, “to be used for gaming”) and use a keyboard like a normal person.

Female gamers aren’t that rare anymore, can we finally move on as a species and stop treating them as something special? Because they aren’t. Not in any higher percentage than male gamers are. But yeah, to be a male in the gaming world you actually have to achieve something since growing breasts isn’t an option. Most of the time.

If I give this any more thought it will probably end up being even more of a tl;dr mess, so I’ll stop.


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