ExtraLife: Cyberbullying doesn’t exist



It really doesn’t. Even my spell check underlines it. It’s just a buzzword that makes less informed people scared of the Internet. Nobody can harm your children online. If you’re raising them properly, of course.

If someone beats up or insults your kid in school, that’s bullying. If someone beats…

you sir are an idiot. CYBERBULLYING RUINS LIVES. blocking doesnt help, the damage is already done. go find some kids who got cyberbullied and ask them how it felt, ask them if blocking or ignoring helped. you are so ignorant.

Dear cuntermunter,

calling me an ignorant idiot didn’t help your case. Instead of providing some arguments, you went ahead and tried to cyberbully me, but you couldn’t because it doesn’t exist. Just saying that something ruins lives doesn’t mean it’s a proof of existence. Belief in God ruins lives, God is unproven. A child can think it saw the Boogeyman and fall down the stairs and end up with a broken neck, does that mean that the Boogeyman is real?


Just because parents are uneducated about online Boogeymen, it doesn’t mean they have any real power. It just means that parents are doing a bad job. You can provide your children with important information about being online early on, before anything happens, and be a part of their online experience. When the time comes for the kids to become independent, they will know that strangers might want to hurt them for no apparent reason and will know to dismiss such behaviour.

And if it’s somebody familiar, a friend or a relative, then it’s not cyberbullying, it’s just plain old bullying. There is no cyberbullying, there are only trolls and bad parents.

That is all.

Thank you for reading, by the way.

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