jojosbro asked:

You seem like a very angry person... Does ranting to the internet help you manage such emotions?

Dear reader, I hope you won’t mind me taking so long to respond. It’s just that I have been busy and I didn’t want to write a half-assed answer because this is a completely and totally serious subject.

I’m not an angry person. Not in a “I never get angry” sense, more in a “I get angry just the right amount of time” sense. 

Having said that, I do need to point out that sometimes, anger is justified. Do you know when? I’ll name some examples.

It’s completely justifiable to get angry at a stupid TV show. Also, you can get pissed off at a video game that insults your intelligence. Or at a desktop interface. You can get pissed off when Mark Shuttleworth messes with your window buttons so you have to keep track of where they are. It’s also natural to get pissed off when the president of your own country makes a complete dicky dick of himself and states that ACTA is awesome. Sometimes you can get angry at people blaming Linux for their own stupid mistakes. 

So, dear reader, while it is true that my blog posts are somewhat on the ranty side, by no means are they untrue. To err is human, to rant divine. At least sometimes you get a little notification from someone who liked your post and you see they are almost as ranty as yourself. That feels kinda good, you know?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your stay and please, PLEASE, don’t watch Level Up, that show is a horrible piece of shit. :P

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